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Sometimes all that soccer moms need is some loving. Who are we kidding? They need loving all the time… All that matters is that this recently divorced soccer mommy got her share of loving!

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Sheila was just cheering on her team when Jack decided to sit beside her. She was a little uncomfortable around him first, but then again they were supporting a team called The Beavers what do you expect?

With a bit of chit-chat she did warm up to him. The good thing about soccer moms that have been through a husband or two is that they are far easier than other women. Since the weather was scorching hot, she felt it might be better to go back to his place to get refreshed.

It didn’t do any better to get back there because as soon as they got in things got hotter than outside and her Beaver was craving to score more than her team was. It didn’t take long for her star attraction to make a debut for the season: she whipped out those tits and showed jack why she’s worth more than he expected.

It didn’t take long to convince him. Though you can clearly see that she was unused to sucking a rod from the way she drooled and dribbled all over it, her massive jugs made up for it. It’s ok since her nice, round and huge titties made up for it. This babe was horny, and Jack was keen for some soccer mom sex.

After warming up the pole, she was ready to do what she was put in this world for. She showed him that although she hasn’t had practice for a while, her natural talents are still there. She can score like Pelé and ride like a cowgirl.

She bounced up and down thrusting his cock so hard - and with every movement just bouncing those gorgeous boobs on his face as if teasing him with it. She fucked him so well that at one point she over did and he couldn’t resist to burst out jizz all over her belly and breasts!

Hurray The Beavers Always Get Scored!

Serves to teach everyone a lesson: if you’re looking for some soccer mom sex, talk to the divorced ones first. They’re like players on the bench: once they get on the pitch they’ll do whatever it takes to prove their worth!

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